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Good health is important for a productive and efficient work place and proper diet and nutrition is an essential part of it. 
In today’s fast-paced corporate world, there is virtually no organisation free of stress. Increase in work pressure and lack of time people are unable to strike a balance between ‘Eating Right’ and maintaining heathly lifestyle. Long working hours and travel time gives them lesser time for any physical activity or exercise, leading to an extremely sedentary lifestyle with problems like acidity, constipation, Obesity, Cholesterol to name a few.
Needless to say, it is imperative to empower employees to take control of their health by providing the right guidance, knowledge to live a healthy life.

How it Works

1. Nutrition counseling for employees on a one-to-one basis or group counseling.
2. Making employees understand their body by checking their body fat, visceral fat, BMI and metabolic age.
3. Sample menu planning with their current work timings or shifts.
4. Recipe and menu development for home, canteen or tifn service


1. Increased Productivity since employees will feel lighter and more energetic
2. Better ability to concentrate
3. Healthier and Enthusiastic workplace
4. Reduced health risk and medical cost
5. Reduce attrition rate
6. Reduced health related absenteeism

Our Clients


Program Charges

We have ‘Customized Health Packages’ for the corporate world to meet the healthcare needs of their employees. 

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