Therapeutic Diet

" Prevention and management of lifestyle diseases with the help of Planned Nutrition. "

Ideal for Medical conditions such as – Thyroid, PCOS, Diabetes, Cholesterol, Renal issues, Food intolerance, Acid reflux / Gastritis, B.P., Chronic constipation / Indigestion, Celiac disease, Cancer, Uric acid and more.

How it Works

So your weight is normal, but you have a special requirement or a medical condition that needs specific nutrients in your diet. That may include low calorie diet, low sodium diet, low fat diet or a high fiber diet… Here I can help you!

A therapeutic diet, from me, is a personalized meal plan that controls the intake of unwanted foods while boosting nutrients to the body for proper healing. A healthy intake, part of the treatment of a medical condition, normally prescribed by a physician while meticulously planned for your body, by me. My therapeutic diet is a modification of a regular diet to suit your tastes and likes. Upon consultation, I tailor-make this diet to fit your nutrition needs for an optimal healing.

program features

  • 99% Success Rate  *Your commitment is essential and I will encourage you all along the way.*
  • Consult directly with me–in person.
  • Focus on root causes.
  • Weekly calls/visits.
  • Directly in-touch on whatsapp. Prompt support  any-time.

Program Charges

Therapeutic Diet Plan

₹ 1,500/- per consultation.

Directly in-touch on WhatsApp. Prompt support any-time

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