Kids Nourish

" Nourish your children with the right ‘aahaar’. They are the future. "

Ideal For:
Toddlers, Students, Picky/fussy eaters and/or Malnourished Children

How it Works

If you are a parent, you are very much familiar with the struggle of making your fussy child drink glass of milk, which you end-up eventually feeding it to them by loading it with taste enhancers (rooh-afza, boost, bournvita, etc.), struggle to sneak in healthy vegetables in their dishes, push them to eat fruits, blackmail them into eating another serving of rice or an added chapati.

The struggle does not end there. You have to ensure they have enough water in a day to keep their bowel movements strong. With so much on the plate (literally!) it’s possible for mothers to miss out on a lot of healthy ingredients that should ideally be a part of their kids’ diet. In this plan, I decode your little one’s dietary needs and work out a diet to indulge them in food, as per their liking, but one that is not nutrient deficient.

program features

  • 99% Success Rate  *Your commitment is essential and I will encourage you all along the way.*
  • Consult directly with me–in person.
  • Special Kids recipes, changed frequently.
  • Weekly follow-ups.
  • Directly in-touch on whatsapp. Prompt support  any-time.

Program Charges

Kids Nourish

₹ 1,000/- per consultation.

Directly in-touch on WhatsApp. Prompt support any-time

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