Chickpea Salad:

Chickpeas are an excellent source of plant-based protein, fiber, and various vitamins and minerals. They can help improve digestion, support heart health, and manage blood sugar levels. The vegetables in the salad provide essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, contributing to overall health and well-being. Olive oil, used in the dressing, contains healthy fats and antioxidants.
Chickpea salad is a versatile dish that can be served as a side dish, light lunch, or even a main course. It’s suitable for vegans, vegetarians, and those looking for nutritious, plant-based options in their diet. Enjoy the refreshing taste and health benefits of this simple chickpea salad!


2 tsp extra virgin olive oil
2 tsp lemon juice, from 1 large lemon
1 garlic clove, pressed or minced
1/2 tsp sea salt, or to taste
1/8 tsp black pepper
1/2 cup cherry tomatoes, halved
1cucumber, halved and sliced
100 gms soaked and cooked chicken peas.
1 cup medium red onion, thinly sliced
1 avocado, sliced (optional)
Coriander (chopped)


  1. Combine the dressing ingredients in a small bowl: 2 tsp olive oil, 2 tsp lemon juice, 1 pressed garlic clove, 1/2 tsp salt and 1/8 tsp pepper and whisk to combine
  2. Combine all the vegetables and cooked chickpeas in a bowl , add dressing to taste and toss to coat
  3. Delicious chickpea salad is ready!
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