Constipation- a self created lifestyle disorder which leads to many others medical conditions such as indigestion, bloating, rectal ulcer, piles etc. As many as one in five people experience chronic constipation, a condition that’s more common in kids and woman. It’s something that can easily creep up on you if you’re not paying attention.

Simple lifestyle changes can help manage the condition.

Prevention tips include:

  1. Wheat- Use khapli gehu or get your wheat grounded in a mill to get enough fibre. Avoid packaged wheat flour you get in supermarkets.
  2. Include vegetables like beetroot, cabbage, green beans, broccoli, green peas, spinach, methi, squash, sprouts in your diet
  3. Include fruits like papaya, oranges, banana, kiwi, strawberry, prunes, fig
  4. Replace milk with home made dahi/curds or chaas
  5. Include fermented foods( with home made batter) like idlis, uttapam
  6. Replace meat with garbanzo beans, kidney beans, moong, black channa
  7. Make sure u clock your body and eat your meals on time
  8. Getting more exercise: Regular exercise can help keep stool moving through the colon.
  9. Drinking more water: Aim for eight glasses daily, and avoid caffeine, as it can be dehydrating.
  10. Start your morning with 1 glass of jeera water or add soaked sabja seeds in your water

Stay healthy and blessed!

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