Apple Oats Smoothie –

A full and nutrient-dense breakfast smoothie, the vegan oats smoothie is a good choice for your weight loss efforts. This smoothie for breakfast will assist in keeping you feeling fuller for longer. For people who have a busy morning a quick and simple smoothie.


1 Chopped Apple
3 tablespoon Oats
6/7 Cashews
1 Date (roughly chopped )
1 teaspoon Coco powder (unsweetened )
1 teaspoon Flax seeds
1 glass water


1.Soak 3 tablespoon of oats , cashews and chopped dates in half cup of water for 5- 10 minutes.
2.Put them in blender along with water and add chopped apple , coco powder and flax seeds into the mixture .
3.Add another half cup of water and blend on high speed until the mixture becomes smooth .
4.Healthy and Yummy smoothie is ready .

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