A strong immunity in winter is not just to prevent us from falling sick but also to maintain our skin, hair, and joint health. Individuals with arthritis dread winters because as the temperatures dip, their joint pains increase. Similarly, skin dryness, eczema, and psoriasis breakouts get worse during winters

Dietary habits play an important role in keeping good health and immunity this season.

Here are my top 6 Winter Superfoods –

1. GHEE-

Pure cow’s ghee is one of the most easily digestible fats that is capable of generating instant heat and energy to keep our body warm. A moderate consumption of ghee can also help keep skin from getting dry and flaky. Switch over to ghee as a cooking medium, or add it to your roti, rice, or khichdi during the winter season.


Winter is the best time to enjoy a hearty meal made out of bajra.

Bajra, rich in fibre and vitamin B promotes muscle gain and helps you keep warm in winters. It is also good for dense, frizz-free hair. Can make rotis, khichdi, thalipeth etc with bajra.


Nachini or finger millet is a great addition to our diet during winters. One cup of ragi flour gives about 11gms protein, 14mg calcium, 3.94mg iron and 3.5 gm fibre. Very good source of protein, calcium, amino acids for vegetarians. Can make ragi rotis, porridge, Chillas, ladoo, crackers etc.


Sesame seeds are rich in nutrients vital to bone health, including calcium, protein, magnesium, manganese and zinc. It is extremely beneficial for people suffering from arthritis to avoid joint pains and aches with fall in temperature during winters. Can add sesame seeds in your sabji as a garnish, put on rotis/ parathas and roll it for daily consumption.


Ayurveda’s favorite, kachi haldi has earned itself a name for a long list of anti-oxidant, anti-viral, anti- bacterial, anti- fungal, anti- inflammatory. Can add fresh haldi in your vegetable, or juice or make a pickle of the same

6. AMLA-

Amla is a super-food and richest in Vitamin C which boosts your immunity keeping viral, flu at bay. The Vitamin C in amla is easily absorbed by the body compared to the store-bought supplements.

Your winter checklist would be incomplete without a diet plan that keeps you warm from inside and your immunity strong…so don’t forget to add these 6 superfoods in your diet this winter.

Stay healthy and blessed!

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