Berry Oats Smoothie

Berries are very nutritious and naturally sweet and loaded with pectin, a soluble fibre that encourages a feeling of fullness. Moreover, it may assist in lowering cholesterol and reducing insulin resistance. It’s attractive color and lovely flavor which is perfect for your smoothies because of it’s tangy twist. Also, including oats in smoothies thickens, provides …

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Green Smoothie

When you are trying to eat healthier and reduce weight but also have to cut down back on fats, smoothies are the best option to gain the filling and healthy fats that your body needs. For those of them you can’t eat their greens directly this is a yummy way to include all the greens …

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Detox Water

Detox Water to take care of any digestive issues like bloating, acidity, water retention, constipation — Jeera+ Sauf+ Ajwain+ methi seeds+ Corrainder seeds Water– How to make?

Cucumber Mint Celery Juice

This juice is hydrating and refreshing. Perfect for Summer. Ingredients-( for 1 glass) 1/2 Cucumber8-10 Mint leaves1 lemon1/4 Stalk Celery Procedure- Blend all ingredients with 1 glass of water and few ice cubes. *Great drink for people looking for shedding some weight *Helps to reduce blaoting and water retention too *Excellent for people suffering with …

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Natural, Inexpensive, high quality protein & health drink High in nutrients, made by the dry-roasting process that seals in all the nutrients, sattu is rich in protein, fibre, calcium, iron, manganese and magnesium.Where do we begin? More often than not, you will find a picture of a body-builder on packets of sattu sold in India. …

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Strawberry Oats smoothie

Delicious and filling- great source of protein packed with antioxidants. My personal favourite ? In a blender, combine 1/2 cup soy milk/ almond milk/ curds + 1/2 cup water Add 2-3 tsp Oats, 7-8 fresh/ frozen strawberries. Blend until smooth. Pour into glasses and serve. Tip- Freeze strawberries and keep in zip lock bags while …

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Cumin seeds/Jeera is known for its various health benefits. It improves digestion, reduces water retention, relives constipation, aids weight loss, helps during lactation, anti inflammatory effect, reduces abdominal cramps and discomfort etc. Cumin/ Jeera has the potential for helping you lose weight because of a unique active ingredient — thymoquinone, a naturally occurring chemical that …


Carrot Beetroot Tomato Juice

For those who want a daily health boost, this vegetable juice is an excellent choice, as it can provide a concentrated dose of nutrients and antioxidants to our system. Beetroot Carrot Tomato Juice is a miracle drink made by blending fresh beetroot, carrot and tomato. It is loaded with vitamin A & C, minerals, and …

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Green juice:

When you strike a balance of vegetables and fruit, green juices can be a great snack or morning drink. They are rich sources of vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients that do all sorts of wonderful things for our health. All those dark green veggies are a great source of vitamin A, antioxidants, vitamin C, Potassium, fibre. Here …

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